From everything we’ve learned about the porn industry, it’s clear that only the very best porn stars are honored with their own Fleshlight Sleeve. With that being said, it was only a matter of time before Angela White joined the exclusive Fleshlight Girl club.

Believe it or not, Angela White’s Fleshlight was so well received by fans that it actually won the 2018 AVN award for “Most Amazing Sex Toy”. Needless to say, I had to put AVN’s claims to the test to see what all of the fuss was about.

This stunning, busty brunette became the first Australian Fleshlight Girl back in 2014. Thanks to Fleshlight, everyone across the planet is now able to experience how Angela White might feel like and trust me, it’s something every man should experience at least once!

With that in mind, it’s time dig a bit deeper and check out exactly what this Fleshlight has in store for you. From the comfortable, yet tight “Indulge” lady sleeve texture, right to the specially designed “Entice” sleeve that perfectly replicates Angela White’s booty-hole. 

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Anyways, let’s take a closer look at Angela White’s Fleshlights!

Who Is Angela White?

Before I dive into the review, here are a few interesting facts about Angela White & her history with Fleshlight.

It’s no wonder why Angela White was chosen to be a model for her very own Fleshlight. This stunning brunette is not only a magnificent erotic actress but has also been quite successful when it comes to directing adult films. 

And of course, it’s pretty rare that anyone could have such a quick and prominent start in this business without all of Angela’s thorough knowledge of the porn industry. That’s why Angela White started learning back in 2003 – just imagine the experience she gathered in all those years of work.

She’s also won many prestigious awards in the industry. Namely, she is a two-time winner of the AVN Female Performer of the Year award. With the kind of resume she’s managed to build in such a short time, there should be no surprise as to why this beautiful, busty babe was chosen to be a Fleshlight model. 

The Angela White Fleshlights

Angela White – Indulge Sleeve


The fact that this toy won AVN’s most amazing sex toy in 2018 should speak volumes to its quality and the overall enjoyment it provides. So, what is it about this sleeve that makes it stand above all the rest?…

I’ve been told that no Fleshlight will ever be able to replace the real thing but, I’m inclined to disagree. Angela’s “Indulge” sleeve is heavenly and will surely provide a realistic feeling, leaving no man unfulfilled. 

The Indulge Sleeve Texture

So, in the main canal, these three sets of large bumps form a comfortable texture that stimulates your penis right from the start. In between these three main sets of large bumps, there are changes in wideness and shape. So, the main canal periodically narrows and widens between these sets. After that, there are rows of smaller bumps that are lined up all across the main canal. Also, there are “ribs” that run lengthwise across the whole canal. 

How Does It Feel?

You should now be able to visualize what it feels like to stick your Tug muscle inside this sleeve but if you want my expert opinion… IT FEELS AMAZING!

The combination of large bumps and smaller ribs will ensure that you have some diverse and special TugTime. I was left nearly speechless the first time I played with this wonderful Fleshlight. 

Also, the waves and hourglass shape somehow manage to stimulate your willy right from the start! That’s why Angela White Indulge Sleeve is one of the most amazing sleeves when it comes to providing a hyper-realistic feeling. 


Angela White – Entice Sleeve 


Now, for those more inclined to enter through the backdoor, Angela White’s Entice sleeve will be a special treat. The entire texture of the Entice’s canal is specially designed with the image of Fleshlight’s popular “Twisted Canal” in mind. So, we can safely assume that Angela White’s Entice texture is a better and more comfortable canal that will essentially gobble up your penis and twist it around as it gets massaged.

So, what exactly happens in the main canal? Let’s find out.

The Entice Sleeve Texture

Right from the start, and all the way up to the end of the sleeve, there’s a distinctive spiral-rib texture. Now, this spiral rib texture is covered with 23 bumps that go on for its entire length. These 23 cube-shaped bumps are placed on the ribs that wind four times through the main canal. 

Also, between the spiral-ribs, there are 10 big bumps that are specially designed to massage your penis, creating the most intensive feeling possible. However, these bumps are running contrary to the spiral-rib which will create a double helix texture.

Now, not everyone will be suited for this kind of feeling especially because it’s so intensive and requires a rock-hard erection. But, we are not here to judge or to talk about erections, we are here to discuss the Entice sleeve.

Anyhow, as your penis enters the canal, the texture will slowly, yet firmly embrace the whole penis head and shaft. Once you’re in, there’s no going back until you reach the maximum length. 

How Does It Feel?

On my first try, I must say, this sleeve was a bit too intense for me and it almost felt like someone was biting on my Johnson. But, however, once you get a hold of it, it turns into something totally different. There is no word to describe the feeling when you enter this sleeve other than… intense.

The combination of twisted ribs, donut-shaped bumps, and cube-shaped bumps is definitely more than enough to provide you with the definitive Angela White experience. 


More Real User Reviews

Guys, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some other users had to say about Angela White’s Fleshlights:

“This Fleshlight sleeve is my absolute favorite. It’s very stimulating and incredibly tight. The texture itself is one of the simpler ones, however, depending on how you hold it, the feeling is distinctly different.”

– Mackennon K.  

“My favorite! Honestly, this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The sensation is absolutely incredible. It’s so soft and luscious upon entering, with gentle pulling and tugging throughout that makes for a spectacular finish. It’s also quite easy to clean and maintain. I’d definitely recommend this.”

– Timothy L.

“I found that buying this Fleshlight for my boyfriend was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. He’s always wanted a threesome and it really doesn’t appeal to me, however, this way, we both get something we want.”

– Samantha L.

Now, regarding that last one, it’s definitely cool that she bought her man a Fleshlight, but I mean, let’s get real here that’s no substitute for a threesome…

Anyways, my absolute favorite review was written by Matthew T who wrote:

“It’s great. I lasted 10 seconds.”

To read more user reviews and see where I found the ones you just read above, simply click the button below.


Maintenance & Cleaning

As you may suspect, the cleaning process is a huge pain in the ass. Well, it’s not that much trouble, but it isn’t easy to clean this Fleshlight without the proper tools. Because there are plenty of bumps and ribs and narrow spaces, it is highly recommendable to use as much water as you can. Rinse everything twice and never leave any area unscrubbed. 

It sounds tough, doesn’t it? Well, you can employ some help from Fleshlight’s own Product Care Kit

These cleaning supplies are made with Fleshlight products in mind and you’ll find no better option for ensuring your toy is thoroughly cleaned and feeling brand new for each consecutive use.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Cons:
  • Both sleeve textures are very intense & satisfying
  • Great if you get ROCK-HARD erections
  • Hyper-realistic
  • Excellent sleeves for thrusting into
  • Takes a while to dry-up after cleaning
  • You may never want to leave your room again…


There you have it! The Angela White Fleshlight is definitely the choice for you if you want a more hardcore, intense fleshlight that goes far beyond the status quo.

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Suction Effect
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