I think you’d agree with me when I say that there are certain professions that instantly make a woman more desirable.

If a girl at the bar told you she was a flight attendant, you would automatically want to bang her.

Don’t even try to deny it, you know you would. 

The way porn has incorporated fantasies like banging your teacher, personal trainer, waitress, etc. is further proof of this.

That being said, there are two professions that stand way above any other as the ultimate conquest and will always send the blood in your body pumping away from your brain straight to your tugger – Pornstars & Supermodels.

Thanks to Fleshlight’s first ebony sleeve, I got a chance to enjoy them both…

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Why Choose Ana Foxx?

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California native Ana Foxx was miraculously discovered whilst grocery shopping and quickly embarked on a lengthy career as a runway model. 

Being admired and idolized by men the world over must have been appealing because shortly after, she began her porn career.

Since 2011, Ana has worked with the biggest and best in the porn industry and has built a loyal following and cemented her status as one of the best in the business. 

As a result of her amazing scenes and adorning fans, Ana has the honor of being the dark-skinned Fleshlight Girl and was given two of her very own Fleshlights for her fans to enjoy. 

Ana Foxx’s Fleshlights

Ana Foxx has two Fleshlights available for your enjoyment, one of which is an exact replica of her pussy, the other of her big ebony booty! 

The vaginal Fleshlight is called Silk and is described as being nothing short of extraordinary chocolate goodness. 

Ana’s anal sleeve is called velvet and promises a pleasure packed texture that is smooth, orgasmic and luxurious. 

Sleeve Designs

Lady/Vaginal Sleeve – Silk

The design of the Silk sleeve is quite unique as it splits up the two chambers up in a way that makes it more stimulating and exciting. 

After pushing through Ana’s lips, you’ll enter the first chamber which is split into two smaller distinct structures, both of which have Zig-Zag like pyramids that change in tightness as you go deeper. 

The broad, flat cross ribs create this Zig-Zag pattern and cause a wave-like sensation against your penis. As you move through this first section, you come to a small gap before entering the same Zig-Zag design structure again. 

The main point of stimulation here are the big edges that change in diameter and shape. As you push through, they make your time in chamber 1 all the more enjoyable.

Leaving chamber 1, you enter a 0.8-inch constriction which squeezes the penis and exemplifies stimulation. This constriction is full of pointy nubs, staggered throughout the canal which creates an even more enjoyable sensation. 

Chamber 2 starts with a large grid structure that has ridges and grooves carved into the sleeve which rub against the shaft as you push further in. 

This section is also full of large nubs and bumps that although not too intense, will stroke your tugger to completion. 

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Anal/Butt Sleeve – Velvet

Ana’s anal sleeve follows a similar design pattern to many of the standard Fleshlight Girl anal sleeves, making use of tight repeating structures throughout the sleeve. 

The bumps and indentations that are present in Velvet stroke and rub your penis as you penetrate, this also creates a vibration-type sensation.

The diameter of Velvet ranges from 0.6-0.8 inches and the extra tightness realistically mimics anal sex down to a science.

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Where To Buy?

We recommend that you buy this product directly from the official Fleshlight website.

They not only offer the lowest price available as well as free shipping, but you can also rest assured you’re going to receive a legitimate Fleshlight product.


As always, it’s a good idea to grab some lube when you buy this product.

Thankfully, the Ana Foxx Silk combo includes everything you’ll need for 15% off!

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  • Fleshlube Sample

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Final Thoughts

Both Fleshlights are fantastic and it’s great to see them branch out into different models and different skin tones. 

The Silk sleeve proved to be a very worthy investment and I loved the Zig-Zag like structure that rubbed and tugged as I enjoyed Ana Foxx. 

There were also some small air pockets inside that helped to create more pressure and a stronger penetration feeling, which again, felt awesome. 

Velvet was fantastic and I always love how simple yet effective the repeating anal sleeves are. Velvet on the surface looked quite simple, but the way the nubs squeeze and rub against your penis, creating a vibration effect is something that distinguishes it from the rest.

If I had to pick one over the other, I would go with the Silk, because as fantastic as the vibration sensation was when penetrating Velvet, the pyramid structure of the Silk felt incredible and the different nubs always got the job done.


This sleeve not doing it for you?

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