Fleshlight has a line of products that they haven’t advertised nearly as aggressively as they have for Fleshlight Girls, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the Fleshlight Freaks line of fleshlights and dildos.

You read that right, Fleshlight… Freaks.

This line includes everything from zombie’s mouths to yeti vaginas. So it goes without saying that they would also have something that hints at the sci-fi classic Alien vs. Predator or the newer and more popular, Avatar.

Introducing: the Alien Fleshlight

The Alien from “Fleshlight Freaks” first caught my attention with its bright blue casing and double clitoris. While I love the blue casing, the pearlescent blue flesh makes the realism of this Fleshlight *literally* out of this world!

That being said, no one truly knows what a female “alien” would look like, so guessing at their genitalia is a stretch. Despite our lack of knowledge on how they look, Fleshlight gave it their best shot and came out with a pretty damn attractive masturbator.

Whether you’re into Alien vs. Predator or looking for your own Avatar lady to have some fun with, this Fleshlight is the perfect accessory for anyone into sci-fi.

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The Alien Fleshlight

Whether you think of Avatar or Alien vs. Predator when you see this Fleshlight, it’s sure to send you over the moon with lust for the design.

The casing is unlike anything else on the Fleshlight website, coming in a bright blue plastic over-sized flashlight shaped casing. Once the cap is off and the “illusion” is shattered (who are we kidding… everyone knows what a Fleshlight looks like), I was shocked by the metallic blue color of the “skin” that the sleeve is made with.

The Alien has large, firm labia that are crowned with two clitorises. The clitorises have slight hoods and are heart-shaped. Merely looking at the opening of the sleeve I wasn’t sure if I was turned on or confused. Despite its odd appearance, the sleeve feels just like any other Fleshlight sleeve and I found myself suddenly settling on aroused.

The double clitoris on the outside of the sleeve creates a slightly wider opening than other sleeves, and the inside consists of three popular textures, combined to create something new and amazing. These familiar textures include the Vortex, as I found in the Misty Stone Fleshlight, the Lotus Nodes, and wide raised bumps like the ones you’d find in the Fleshlight STU.

Alien Fleshlight Interior

The Vortex is a series of spiraling ridges and stimulated and tightened around the head as I first entered the sleeve, it is about 18mm wide and accommodates most sizes easily. Next is the Lotus Nodes, which lasts only 0.4 of an inch is a tight constriction that provides more texture as I thrust in and out of the Alien.

Finally, there is a canal of raised bumps, like the ones in the Fleshlight STU, and this final canal takes up most of the sleeve, it is a little over 5 inches in length and about 12-15mm in width – making it a tighter fit than I like. 

These large raised bumps on the back of the sleeve are incredibly intense and very constrictive. This section (since it is modeled after the STU), might be too intense for some users and I even found myself getting too close to finishing too soon. Other than nearly coming too soon, the Alien Fleshlight rocked my world.

How Well Does It Tug?

My Alien Fleshlights beside my Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Speaking of finishing, the Alien Fleshlight makes for a powerful orgasm. The opening felt looser, as expected, but once inside the Vortex canal things tightened up and I received stimulation from every side of my glans. Then I popped into the lotus, which indeed creates a popping sensation, and is much tighter.

This portion of the sleeve is tug-errific for playing around in. I enjoy popping in and out through the lotus nodes a couple of times before going deeper into the sleeve.

The final, and longest part of the sleeve, has the nodes on all sides. This portion really tests the edging power of the user, and I have had more than one close call before I was ready for it. It is definitely one of the most intense experiences with a Fleshlight sleeve I have experienced.

Altogether, the textures within the Alien Fleshlight are sensational. While the outside is looser than I’d prefer, the tightness of the rest of it more than makes up for it.

Clean Up

Cleaning a Fleshlight is incredibly easy. I disassemble the four pieces and rinse the plastic casing first. After the casing is clean, I run warm water and soap through the sleeve. I will even stick my hand down into the sleeve to make sure that I clean everything within it. This can be difficult with the more textured sleeves. 

Once I am satisfied with cleaning the sleeve, I dry off the casing, put the sleeve back into the casing, and set it to dry over a box fan. If the sleeve doesn’t dry completely, it can cause mold to form and completely ruin the toy. Once the sleeve is completely dry (this takes about 6 hours) I will then coat it in talc powder so that it doesn’t get sticky or break down.

For more in-depth and efficient cleaning, check out Fleshlight’s Product Care Kit. The FleshWash serum can be combined with hot water to create the most powerful Fleshlight cleaner available. After cleaning, sprinkle some of your Renewal Powder on the sleeve to help it feel brand new with each use.

For a more in-depth guide to fleshlight cleaning, click here

Final Thoughts

The Alien Fleshlight is a fantastic way to fulfill that niche fantasy of being with an extraterrestrial creature.

It has the look of something not of this world and the sensations I found within the folds of the alien labia sent me over the moon. The only problem I have with the Alien Fleshlight is cleaning it, but that comes with the territory. Overall, I greatly enjoy using the Alien when I want something different and the textures are amazing.

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Tugger Cox is a man's man who doesn't shy away from testing the latest and greatest sex-related products available for men. Think of him as your own personal sex toy guinea pig. He does all of the "hard work" testing toys and products to educate men around the world on which products are worth buying and which should be avoided.


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