There’s something special about Abigail Mac that sets her apart from all other pornstars, she just has an aura about her which makes her look so at ease and relaxed whenever she appears on-screen. The shy and timid vibe that she gives out makes her all the more desirable.

Abigail Mac’s “Lust” Fleshlight perfectly reflects her timid personality and fierce sexual appetite.

But don’t be fooled, she may look sweet and innocent, but she’s a wild one between the sheets. Once the scene heats up, she quickly proves why she’s won so many adult industry awards.

If you’ve watched any of her scenes, you’ll know just how explosive she is sexually, and now with her very own Fleshlight Sleeve, you’ll also get to know what it’s like to sleep with this tiny Baltimore firecracker.

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Abigal Mac – Lush Fleshlight

Abigail Mac currently only has one Fleshlight available, her lady entrance, known as the “Lush”. 

Abigail’s high-quality lady sleeve is, of course, a true replica of her own lady parts and is built to accommodate a little over 9 inches of length, waiting to please you with a cross-section of ribs, rings, spirals, and bumps.

The 9-inch length will accommodate TugBros of nearly any size.

As far as Tugging goes, it doesn’t get better than a Fleshlight and I was thrilled to finally have Abigail’s all to myself. 

Lush – Orifice & Chamber


For more info on the Lush, check out the official store.

Why The Lush?

I’ve been a huge fan of Abigail’s for years now, and once the Lush was released, I couldn’t wait to try it, I just hadn’t got around to reviewing it, until now. 

As the ultimate Tugbro, I obviously did my research first and was overwhelmed with how positive the reactions were. 

A massive number of people recommended this sleeve and said it was going to the top of their collection. As far as consumer reviews go, Abigail Mac is most definitely a fan favorite.

Lush Sleeve – Design


The Lush doesn’t have traditional chambers as we’ve seen with the majority of the Fleshlight Girls collection. Although, it does have a unique design inside which features small combinations of different elements that feel great on your member as you enjoy your precious Tug Time. 

A notable feature of the Lush is how it deceives the mind. You start off thinking it’s not very tight… but as you get towards the midsection (where most guys will finish), there’s an intense tightening and gripping feeling that will take you over the edge.

The Lush is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised, let’s take a closer look at the texture.


The entrance of the Lush changes in diameter from 0.8 inches to 1-inch and greets you immediately with a section of soft ribs, before moving onto the big ring, which strokes the penis with some intense stimulation. 

Cross ribs

You move through the initial ring into a large cross ribbed section, which slopes down as you reach the end. These large ribs don’t connect all the way around, so it isn’t exactly a new ring, but the change from small to larger edges makes a huge, satisfying change in sensation. 

Penis Vortex

As you pass through the cross ribs, you move through to a counter-clockwise rotating vortex. It’s full of twisted ribs, causing a spiral that wraps firmly around your tugger. 

You get to enjoy three full turns of this, to be honest, three wasn’t enough. It feels orgasmic and gains intensity the more you penetrate through this section. 

The good news is, because of where this vortex is, you’ll feel the strokes even once you pass through this section and move to the next. 

Nubs And Bumps (Oh so tight)

Once you’re through the “penis spiral”, you come to a three-ringed section that is full of bumps, which quickly narrow as you reach the end.

This was one of my favorite sections, as it leads into the wider ridged section which tightens around your penis, each and every stroke here gets you closer to the finish line as you’re stroked from all angles by a wave-like effect. 

Round Nubs

If your Johnson is large enough to get here, the last section features flat rounded nubs along the wall of the texture before you reach the end and has one purpose and one purpose only, to make you climax. 

Does It Tug?

One of the reviews I read mentioned that he had to re-lube midway through and I didn’t want to have the same thing happen to me, I don’t want anything to distract me during Tug Time, so I always come prepared. 

I used the premier Water-Based Lube, straight from Fleshlight themselves. This lube is made especially as a safe, comfortable lube for Fleshlights.

The Lush sleeve was a pleasant surprise for me and definitely got the job done. The surprising part was how it creeps up on you. It fees wide then gathers traction quickly, feeling comfortable than making you feel like you want to blow.

It’s even further proof of how high-quality and revolutionary the FleshlightGirls collection really is. Just like Abigail’s personality, you think you have the Lush all figured out then you wound up finding a whole new experience. Abigail’s timid, shy personality and explosive sexual appetite perfectly reflect how mind-blowing and unexpected your experience with this Fleshlight will be.


Click here for our in-depth Fleshlight cleaning guide.

The clean up was fairly straight forward, with the proper cleaner you should be able to get it looking brand new in no time!

Some of the Fleshlights have different flaps and sections that can make cleaning a harder task than it should be but there was no problem here. Run warm water mixed with FleshWash through the Lush and give it enough shakes/bangs to get rid of ‘everything’ and you’ll be ready to let her dry out. 

Looking for a combo deal with all the must-have Fleshlight cleaning products?

Check out Fleshlight’s premium Product Care Kit which includes FleshWash – the only valid option for a high-quality Fleshlight cleaner and Renewal Powder to sprinkle on your sleeve and keep it looking and feeling brand new after every use.

Final Thoughts

So many of the customer reviews said that the Lush was now one of their favorite Fleshlights, or in some cases, the one to beat and I see why. 

Although it doesn’t have the huge variety of chambers that we’ve seen with toys like the  Abella “Danger”, TugBros looking for a simple texture, with a pleasant surprise at the end will surely be satisfied with this product. Perfect for newcomers or those looking for a simple, tight and pleasant experience.

Where To Buy

As always, we recommend you get your Lust sleeve straight from the official store. This way you’ll always get an authentic product for the best price, not to mention they offer free shipping.

If you’re new to the Fleshlight game, the Lust is the perfect option for you. Why not take a look at a starter kit that comes with all the must-have Fleshlight accessories, straight from the geniuses who made this sleeve in the first place?

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